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Monday, June 8, 2015

"4" Incredible Survival Uses for Empty Tic-Tac Containers

Read this before you throw out empty containers of tic -tacs.
These small, plastic containers actually have unique survival/camping uses.

Here are just a few.
You can use the containers for:

 - Storing spices: Don't take your entire spice rack. Simply load empty tic-tac containers
with your favorites spices and you'll be able to save tons of room.
 - Storing matches: Regular matchboxes can get soggy and fall apart. Store matches in
the containers and glue some sandpaper on the side and you're set.
 - Storing firestarters: Another unique use. Rub vaseline on cotton balls and store them
in the tic-tac container so you always have a quick way to start a fire.
 - Storing seeds: If you want to plant a garden, a tic-tac container will do a better job
of storing and protecting seeds than the packages they come in. 
And of course that's just a small sampling of uses.
Worried about the containers breaking?
Wrap them in some kind of tape to improve their strength. 
Clear packing tape works well.
Then just throw them in your camping kit or bug out bag and you're set to go. 

Pretty cool, huh?

What else can you think to use them for?

Prepare Now,
Survive Later!

1 comment:

  1. I have found them very useful. Each of them will hold up to 8 .38 cal ammunition, five vertically and three horizontally in the top. Other ammunition types will work, as well. Load several and grab a few when in a hurry. Easily fits in your pocket. Remove the label or leave it on. I keep ten or more handy!